Sunday 7 April 2013

Torrent of Haiku

Little things matter

Old woman dying
Pain etched face, gentle slow smile
Grandchild holds tea cup.

Swallow in Spring

Declining sun tints
With gold skeletal tree branch.
Swallow seeks Spring nest.

The need and blessing of prayer

Rubbled-over heart.
Give no real power to ruins
Beneath, life throbs, hopes.


Transcendent glimpse of
Clear beauty. Sunny upland
Within and without

The Rivulet

Tumbling fresh, crystal 
Clear, ice cold over rounded
Rocks. Spring stream runs home.

Autumn Tints

Colour of dead leaves
Faded browns, russets. Twilight.
Lost youth moonlight bathed

Sacred Heart

Heart of Jesus may
I abide within you. Dwell 
In your sweet abode 

Restless Heart

Immaculate Heart
Of Mary, be you within 
Me. Seat of Wisdom

Gulls cry

Smiling sun, biting
Wind. Kittiwake calling out.
Light spangled ocean.

Early Riser

Combing the little
Ones tangled hair. Sun laughing 
At window. Spring dawn.

Brief Lives

Cherry blossoming, 
Brief, frail, sun nurtured beauty- 
Lamb rests in shadow

Spring Blossom

Branches new laden
With blossom quiver, soft breeze.
Sweet scent tumbles free.

Easter Story

Spring frost slays new buds.
Hidden seeds, untouched, grow on.
Bright flowers bring joy.

Consuming Fire

Jesus, Saviour, Light
Of life. Mary's Son, God's Son
With light consume me.


Bejewelled night sky
Cold comfort, distant beauty.
Winter stream shines pale.

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