Sunday 8 June 2014

Spirit of Haiku

The world drifts away,
And all its frantic pursuits
Seem so distant now.

Gravity and time,
To whom victory belongs.
Dragging all things down.

Dull weariness for
Endless hours of slow torpor.
A life exhausted

A wistful looking 
Back, sadly dwelling on what
Can never return.

The wind sighs as it
Rustles through the fresh roses
I laid on your grave.

The strange comfort of
Melancholy held heart-close.
A cold sort of warmth

Dark daughter of the
Devil, sly sultry temptress.
Your scent clings to me.

Glimmerings of light
Amid a thickening gloom.
A promise of hope

When I turn my heart
Towards you it is refreshed 
You fill me with light

Like a thief in the
Night joy breaks into the world.
Hidden in Mary

Obscured behind a
Cloud-veil yet still radiant.
The unconquered light

Beyond the mountains,
A distant peaceful ocean.
Long desired haven.

Carried by night winds,
The sound of waves, smell of salt.
An unseen vastness.

Cold dawn with promise
Of warmth, evidence of light.
Why cling to the night?

Uncertain way that
Leads by the sea. A tempest
May overthrow you-
The sea does not care.
Your comings and goings do
Not interest her

I call your name when
The night is dark. Do you hear?
Will I feel your warmth?

In the night, when I
Am afraid, comfort me, my
Heart longs to be healed

Desolate morning.
Grief my only companion.
Dismal clouds gather

The seed that was once
Buried in the heavy earth
My Easter Lily

The light which appeared
To fail shines gloriously.
No longer hidden.

I hear your voice, soft
Whisper of the wind, gentle
Murmur of the stream.

A mighty river
Disappears into the sea.
As all things vanish.

Flat terrain without
End, dreary monotony
Yet, still the bird sings.

Sweetly scented grove
Gaily, brightly, clothed by Spring.
Tranquil place of rest

Peaceful and gentle
Spirit , your soft smile guides me
Home, the place of rest.

Your name is on my
Lips, it dances on my tongue
It lives in my heart.

Compassion is the
Deepest Wisdom of the wise.
A beautiful gift.

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