Sunday 22 June 2014

Swan At The Window & Other Poems

Swan at the window
Glimpses mysterious realm
Stretches wings and flies

Cloudburst in April,
Soon passed, swiftly clearing sky.
The smell of wet grass.

Mild month of May, the
Slow smile of spring clearly seen.
Abundance of light

Cold winds bring a Spring
Pause, growth is slowed, leaves shiver.
But Light is untouched.

Copper coloured leaves
Flutter in a soft Spring wind.
Shadows on green turf.

Mist clings to the side
Of the mountains this morning.
Mournful looking pines.

Mountain path, towards
The rising sun. To reach the

Peak you need a guide.

                                             A Bar at the Folies Bergere by Manet

And then she saw. This,
Beneath the glitter and noise,
Heartless emptiness.

Vapour trails leaving
Pale traces across clean sky.
Polluted beauty

Darkness passed away
Morning sun glories briefly
Before it too fails

All things fade into
Shadow and darkness gathers.

Memories of light.

It lightens the load
If you discard things which you
Really don’t need.

The candle I lit
For you still burns bright And you
Know it always will.

Timid fawn explores
The forest, her bright new world.
Unaware of traps.

Forest path, winding
Through trees, dappled light and shade.
Early summer warmth.

Talons of a hawk
Salmon gasps and struggles, held
In an iron grip

Raven’s brood, dark and
Hungry, mouths ever open.
Cadaver stripped bare

Spiralling slowly
Downwards, drifting in the wind
Handful of petals.

Textures of silence
A quiet, shadowed cloister.
Stillness is prayer

Lattice patterns of
Light and shade lie underfoot.
In the cloister walk

In my heart a flame
Was kindled. From you it came,
To you it returns.

Obscured by mists, the
Farther shore is vaguely sensed.
Searching for a bridge.

Body and mind grow
Weary on the pilgrim way
Only hope strengthens.

If you consent to
Be guided I shall guide you
And you will find peace

Many sorrows, one
Great joy, a life lived for Love
Mother of Jesus

Wisdom and kindness 
Treasured in our Lady’s heart
Offered to the world

Most sweet Advocate
Wisest of all counsellors
Mary my Mother

Plenitude of grace
Freely received freely shared.
Sweet Mother Mary

You are my secret 
Place, my solace in trouble
The smile of my days

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