Thursday 3 January 2013

Bouquet of Haiku

Sunlight glints, shimmers,
Dances. Rippling clean waters-
Black swan arches neck.

Searching and being found

I travelled far
To find one who was within.
I returned. Home.

Hard Rain

Hard cold rain drives down
On sodden earth. Muddy brown.
Sudden frost glints white.


Descent from Heaven
From Cross. Into my heart Lark-like 
arising with you

Devon Coast

Sparkling light points dance.
Sun dappled sea. Red rock juts
Outward. Skua preys 

Hodie Christus natus est

Hodie Salvator 
Apparuit. Night fills with light.
Darkness flees. Hearts sing.

Dreich Day

Drab winter greyness 
Vivid green of grass and hedge
Life pulse throbs beneath.

Donkey Blues (in tribute to Pope Benedict's third volume on Jesus of Nazareth)

No crib to gaze on
Donkeys years pass. Exile ends
With Mary's soft call

December Morning

New day struggles through night
To be born. Gloom retreats but
Slowly. Life awakes

After the Winter Solstice

Shadow unfalls. Night
Retreats. Dawn birdsong rises.
Hopeful chorus. 

World Turns

Darkly Poised. Waiting
Spring bud, dew fresh, longs for light-
Shadows fly. Sunrise 

In a Sufi strain

Divine One, when I 
find thou only then, and finally
Really  will I find I 

River Exe, Christmas Morning

Swan-white glimmers in
Pale winter sun. Swift water.
Slender bridge trembles.

Mystic Rose

Mary, perfections'
Clear mirror. Graceful woman.
God bearer. Lightsome. 

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