Monday 11 February 2013

Pope Benedict resigns

Dear Pope Benedict,
I love you and much thank you.
Joy be yours through Christ.


  1. Came here from the Grauniad. I read your "dialogue" with one of the Gauniad's denizens and thought I'd come here to read your blog and support you.

  2. Steve,

    saw your comments after the Guardian post on Catholic social justice "shift" (yeeesh), and thought to myself, "who IS this guy?!?!?" Your eloquence, clear insight, impeccable logic and knowledge cogently presented simply blew me away. Your responses were the soul of Charity, calmness, and straightforward Catholic orthodoxy. I hope you don't mind, but I copied them to use as reference in future discussions with friends and others. What a charism for the pen you have, and what a mind and heart for Christ and His Church! It's a clear sign that you've aced the argument when the most reasonable come-back was, "Propaganda!" Well done indeed! And a beautiful signature icon also...may Our Lady keep you wrapped tightly in her mantle; may your voice be heard in increasing circles across God's world; and may the seed you spread open hearts and save souls by and with the grace of the Holy Spirit. Thank you and God bless you!