Thursday 2 May 2013

Month of Mary and other poems

Lovingly in soft
Arms encircled. Life and Light
Long promised firstborn 

Mother of the Lamb

Rejoice O Mother
Of the Lamb. Be glad in Him
He will delight you

Mary's Mantle

Mantle of Mary
Shielding her children, praying
Gracious advocate

Woman of the Apocalypse

Mary, clothed with clear
light, crowned with stars. Radiant.
Handmaid of the Lord

Psalm 50/51 Miserere

Let the bones you have 
Crushed rejoice with your gladsome 
Spirit. Contrite joy.

Carthusian Night Office

Deep night. Monks slow chant.
Sonorous praise. Light and shade
Meditative hour 

Psalm 33/34 Benedicam Dominum

Look upon Him and
Be radiant. Reflect His
Light. Be ye transformed.

They looked to him and
were radiant. Reflecting
Light. Transformed by light

John 20:15

Jesus whom we seek
Desires to be found. In this 
There is hope. And love.

Luke 10:39

Pure, tranquil and deep
Reflecting what is above.
Serene mountain lake

Song of Songs 1:1

Kisses sweeter than
Wine. His tender hand, His strong
Arm. Glad submission.

St Catherine of Siena

The one who loves would 
ever be one with what he 
loves. Christ Crucified.

Heart Harbour

Our Lady of Still
Waters. Restful calm haven.
Prayerful, peaceful heart

Catholic Scot has postural hypotension (Psalm 83/84)

My soul longs for you.
My flesh faints. You make me to
Swoon, your breath revives


  1. Hi Stev, although I am an atheist, I am a cultural catholic, and an Italian too, so the Madonna is a deeply spiritual symbol for me ...

    This 'madonna dei sassi' was sculpted by our very dear Aldo Rigotti, second cousin to my father.

  2. Hi Gabri thanks for your comment. One of the things about Catholicism is that it involves all the senses. You might leave the faith behind but you if you still have your senses then you can still hear through them. We may disagree as to why things are beautiful but that they are beautiful we can agree upon.,

  3. This is true - I took a friend of mine who was not Catholic but also to Madonna Della Corona above Verona.

    He was stunned in awe ...

    Then there is a simple wooden cross in the Vatican Museum:

    I Saw A Christ
    Upon A Cross
    Of Sun Dried, Silver, Wooden Grey.

    And So Was He.

    And Thin,
    And Gaunt,
    And Worn,
    And Sad.
    His Rags About Him,
    Blowing In The Breeze,

    He Touched My Heart.