Sunday 11 August 2013

Mercy Surrounds You

Psalm 23
Walk through the shadowed
Valley without fearing death
Mercy surrounds you
Immaculate Heart

Protean love which
Adapts its beautiful self
To meet every need

Hibiscus blossom 
Pointing up, towards the light
Seasonal flourish

Delicate blossom
Jade clusters swaying in breeze
Soft colours soothe sight.

Brooding sky, black wings
Extended, threatening all.
Starlings build their nests.

Underground streamlet
Coursing clear, through living rock.
Springs into the light

Immaculate Mary

Saturated with
Love, as grass with morning dew
Mary's gentle heart
2 Timothy 4:6,7

Near at hand is the
Time of my dissolution 
I have kept the faith
Feast of the Transfiguration

Briefly the veiling 
Flesh is transfigured by light.
For eyes that can see.

Proverbs 8/9:35,36

Who finds Me finds Life
All those who hate me love death
Hurting their own souls

Psalms 149:2

Let the children of
Zion be joyful in their King.
Loving hearts rejoice


Windows of the soul
Expressive eyes. See farthest
When looking inward
Rusty leaves falling
In slow light russet showers.
Sun's dappled shadows.

The year fades away
Tints become rich, colours deep
Swallows flee sunward 

Slowly rotating
In a downward fluttering
Autumn's herald leaves

Harshly croaking Crow,
Sits funereally clad, 
Waits for carrion
Feather-like fingers
Of cloud across morning sky.
Pointing to the dawn

Enjoy the failing
Light, delight in passing scenes
Dwell in what endures

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