Saturday 6 September 2014

This Contemplative Life

I have collected together some representative posts from this blog and turned them into a free, downloadable ebook on Wattpad This Contemplative Life which includes-

  • Christian Meditation
  • Who Needs #Buddha?
  • The Bible and the Virgin
  • Controversies and Random Thoughts
  • Mary, Mother of Christians, and Her Daughters
And much more besides.

Also, for reasons too complicated to go into, I have written a short (1500 words) Christmas fable about two scaly anteaters, Harum and Scarum, a happy donkey and the Nativity of our Lord. This is the Adoration of the Pangolins also in downloadable form.

The result of all this is that you can now take me with you wherever you go. Surely an offer you can't refuse.

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