Saturday 15 August 2015

Sonnet for the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary

 Far,  far   from   us  you  do   seem   to   fly
 No   more   can   we   share  a  loving   meal
Your  vision  is  now  banished  from  the  eye
 That   kind,  soft   touch  of  yours   we  cannot  feel

Are  we   always   to   be   so   sore  bereft?
Abandoned   here   below weeping alone  .
Unconsoled.  ever   in   grief   to   be   left
 To   be   dark,  in that place   where light  has shone

 But  it is not  really   so, my  love
 Gone   in   seeming  you  only   seem   to   go  .
 On   great  ardour's wings you  soar   high   sweet  dove
 Then   plunging   in my  heart  your  torrents   flow.

 We   assumed  you had  left   us   mother   divine
 But, ah  dear  Mary,  forever  you are  mine.

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  1. Thank you, would like to read this at a moonlight hike with friends on the assumption. Who shall I credit with this work? :)

    1. Sorry, a bit late to this. If you do it again next year you can credit it to 'the blogger Catholic Scot.' Or, my irl name is Steven Hepburn.