Monday 3 August 2015

The Journey & Other Poems

The Journey

You're in front of me
And I don't see you. Beside
Me and I don't know.
Fill my emptiness with you.
Touch my darkness with your light

With longing I search
For you. In hope I travel.
Towards or Away?
How can I know or be sure?
I long for your hidden smile.

Will I find you, see
You, know you? Elusive love,
Yet faithful lover.
Journey's end and beginning 
Pilgrim heartsease and hearts wound.

Of this I am sure,
The anchor to which I cling,
That which sustains me,
If I fail, when I fail, you 
Will find me. And we will kiss.

Not Hearing

I am without you.
You, my love, are within me.
Not hearing, I speak.

Within Me

On the mountains I
Look for you, and in the seas.
You are within me.

Zen Sky

Mind and sky empty
Cloudless. Infinite. At peace.
Dogs bark far away.

Harvest Season

Now I realise
My best days are behind me.
Season of harvest

Fragile Icon

Fragile icon. Soon
Your beauty will fade away
But not from my mind.

English Summer

Drumming on flat roofs
Summer shower, brief but fierce.
Abandon picnic!

Pacing the Cloister

Pacing the cloister
A thousand years of silence
Dust motes in the sun

Concealing Spiders

Untended garden
Riotously tangled life
Concealing spiders.

Evening of Life

Evening of life
A walk amid deep shadows.
Not without laughter.

Beyond the Window

Long days, short nights. Sun
Flecked paths. Warm rain. Bright flowers.
Beyond the window.

Our Lady of Light

Mary, filled with light
Mother of God’s pure Wisdom.
Advocate of love

Mary Amid the Darkness

Mary amid the
Darkness, sharing our sorrows.
Mother of our Hope.

Echoes of Silent Prayer

Echoes of silent
Prayer heard in deep stillness.
Shafts of light break through.


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